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Do you have a home that won’t sell?
Answering these three easy questions may help.

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What do you do when your home has been on the market for months (or even years!) and hasn’t sold? Here are some things we can do right now to get your home more exposure and get it sold.

Often sellers find themselves with a property that didn’t move in the spring or summer, and now they are wondering if they should take down the listing and wait until next spring to try selling again.

One of the hardest truths to tell a seller in these situations is that your house may not be getting offers because no one wants to buy your house.  Meaning that no one wants to buy your house at the price you’re asking, in its current condition, or in its current location.

Any combination of these factors may be keeping your house on the market, unshown and unsold. Marketing, condition, location, and motivation are all tied together. With the lack of inventory in today’s market, buyers have fewer properties to look at and are more educated regarding what kind of homes will move quickly at a good price. Conversely, buyers in today’s market are better equipped to spot homes that are overpriced for what they offer.

Today’s buyers are more educated than ever before.

If you are having problems selling a property, it's important to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Am I positioned correctly? Given my home’s condition, location, and the surrounding competition, is my home an attractive option for buyers?

2. How’s my home’s specific condition? In regard to successfully selling, so much hinges on the property’s presentation: Do you have inviting curb appeal? Did you blow off decluttering your home or repainting because you thought the market was so hot that it wouldn’t matter?

3. How is my home being marketed? The unfortunate truth is that many agents will do little more than put a sign in your front yard, list your home on the MLS and their own Facebook page, and hold an open house. Was this sort of limited, local marketing enough? If your house hasn’t sold, the answer is obviously no.

The Brian Beatty Team is committed to selling your home, even if it's been tough for other agents to do so. Not only are we equipped with the tools and know-how to market your home internationally to the broadest range of buyers as quickly as possible, but we are also equipped to help you fix any problems that are keeping all those shoppers from becoming actual buyers.

If you’d like more information on how to get your difficult home sold, contact me online at, or by phone at (843) 371-1490.

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