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If you’re looking for ways to generate leads to grow your business,
I’ve got some inexpensive and cost-free tips you’ll want to take a look at.

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My team and I have done over 1,000 transactions in the Charleston market, and as someone who has written the checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of leads, I can provide you with tips on where and where not to spend your money. I can also show you how to take the valuable asset of time and apply it to a certain number of leads to get you the most conversions possible—the best bang for your buck in terms of lead-generation strategies.

Isn’t that what we’re all after? So how can you generate a massive amount of business in a reasonably short period of time and at a low cost? Well, there are a few different ways.

But first, if you’ve been on a real estate team in the past where you were promised leads but weren’t getting what you’d hoped and you’re now thinking about joining a real estate team, I’m here to tell you that my team is hiring.


Look into some of these programs that will
give you leads for a 25% to 35% referral fee.


Not only are we hiring, but we also give you access to thousands of leads the very day that you join. We also have a six-week training program that will take you from start to finish through everything you’ll need to know to sell real estate at a high level.

That in mind, here’s what you need to know about lead generation and conversion:

1. There are many ways to generate leads for free. I built my business by generating leads over the phone and by doing open houses. If you do those two things effectively, you can build a big business without it costing you a bunch of money.

2. Take advantage of agent-referral networks. For these programs, you don’t have to pay up front, but you will need to pay a referral fee on the back end. It’s a good idea to look into some of these programs that will give you leads for a 25% to 35% referral fee. Or maybe you’re the agent who’s willing to pay a 35% or 40% referral fee in order to gain another agent’s business—if I’m referring business to another area of the country and someone says they’d pay a 40% referral fee, I want to affirm that business. It’s a big deal.

3. Use open houses to generate leads. Your brokerage will very rarely provide you with leads, so you need to learn how to produce your own or generate them through partnership with the team. If you don’t have an interest in doing that, my third bit of advice is to do open houses. Start your open houses a week beforehand; call the entire neighborhood, knock on doors, do a Facebook Live video post, etc. Post the open house announcement online in as many different areas as possible. You can even ask the listing agent for help promoting the event, if you’re not the listing agent yourself, and help them set up the open house.

There are other ways of generating big business without it costing you a dime, and if you’d like to learn how to sell at least two homes every month, remember that my team is hiring. To inquire about the position or if you have general questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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