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Snow White’s Castle

snoq qhitw.jpg

Come see this 100,000 square foot mega-mansion fixer-upper ASAP! 60 beds, 45 baths as well as a 2 car garage for your horse and buggy! Slight foundation issues as it is built on the edge of a crumbling cliff. Past owner was in a coma for 20 years so the upkeep has been lax. Now that she’s moved in with her boyfriend (Prince Charming) this property is listed at the low, low price of $45,000,000.


Pride Rock and Surrounding Land


This 40,000 acre lot on the African wilderness is truly amazing. Green pastures as well as a strange rock formation make this the ideal location to enjoy the wonders of nature. Don’t be surprised to see massive gatherings of animals from all over Africa too. Perfect for the animal lover...or big game hunter.


Belle’s Chateau


This pre-war (French Revolution) cottage in the French countryside is perfect for a second European home. Just 150 miles from Paris, this is the ideal location for anyone who loves both the glamor of the city as well as the tranquility of the country. Don’t be alarmed be the hairy, hulking, man-beast next door – he’s harmless (we think)! Listed at just $325,000.


The Little Mermaid’s Palace


This beautiful castle is unlike any you’ve seen before. Conveniently located at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, this fabulous single family is every sea-lovers dream home! If you aren’t scuba certified, you can always rent this out to one of the many mermaids who live close by!


Aladdin’s Shanty


Talk about a room with a view! This stunning studio is the place to be for any self-respecting teenager squatter. With a beautiful view of the Sultan’s castle, this 0 bed, 0 bath shanty has an open-air concept and is located in the heart of Agraba. For just 10,000 Rupees ($144 US Dollars), it comes complete with a rug and a few random clay pots. *Monkey not included.


Pinocchio’s House

Pinocchio 05.jpg

Located just down the street from nightlife and restaurants, this 1 bed, 1 bath bachelor pad is perfect for a young man looking to find love in 18th Century Italy. Previously owned by a talking puppet and a cricket, if walls could talk, this home would have a lot to say! $214,000.


Peter Pan’s Tree Hideout


This 11 bed, 0 bath house has it all (except bathrooms). Originally a tree, it has since been carved out to be a multi family residence. Perfect for lost boys or flying fairies, this tree is located in the hot Forest neighborhood of Neverland. Directions: Take the second star to the right and straight on til morning. Priced to sell at $1.00.


Benita and Roger’s House


Dog-lovers dream! Located in the heart of London, this townhouse will blow you away. Listed at just $800,000, it has 3 spacious bedrooms as well as a large foyer and kitchen. Just steps from Hyde Park, you won’t have any problem walking your 101 dalmatians (included in sale price).


King Louie’s Temple

King Louie’s Temple.jpg

Inspired by Angkor Wat, this mid-200BC ruin is priced to sell! Listed at just $0.00, you can relocate to the middle of the Indian jungle and live in your own personal paradise. As a plus, singing bears and orangutans have been known to frequent the area.


Cinderella’s House

Once owned by a single mom and her ugly daughters, it was since bought by their step-sister and the Prince. Turning this worn down fixer-upper into a beautiful Bavarian getaway was practically magic! In fact, it WAS magic (thanks fairy godmother). Be careful not to say “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo” or any potential rodents/pests will turn into humans (not a pretty sight).

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