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Hiring a Contractor in Charleston

Hiring a Contractor in Charleston, SC? New Study Shows 1 in 10 Get Scammed!!

General o August 09, 2023

As top Realtors in Charleston, SC since 2009, we’ve been involved in hundreds of renovation projects; big and small. Our Team President, Brian Beatty, has also personally been involved in millions of dollars in renovation projects, so we know a thing or two about the process of hiring a Contractor and holding them accountable.

A new study performed by JW Surety Bonds shows that 1 in 10 people fell victim to a “scam” – or at least a massive misunderstanding – costing $2,426, on average.

Here are a few key takeaways from the study:

Among those that fell victim to scams, shoddy work, overpayment, or subpar results, baby boomers were the most common group to feel the burn with millennials trailing closely behind.

The study also identified 5 scenarios that alerted homeowners to the inevitable scam:

  1. 63% of contractors failed to complete the job or did poor-quality work and did not meet the agreed-upon standards
  2. 40% of contractors frequently arrived late, missed appointments, or left early without reason
  3. 26% of contractors added charges or fees that were not previously discussed
  4. 25% of contractors refused to answer questions or were evasive about progress reports
  5. 13% of contractors provided no written contract or used ambiguous language about job specifics and related costs

At The Brian Beatty Team of Keller Williams Realty, we pride ourselves in our relationships, which extends to our personal network of vendors. We understand how difficult it is to find quality and reliable work and affordable prices, which why we constantly top-grade our referral network.

We’ve also put together a FREE GUIDE that details the entire process, step-by-step, that includes everything from the selection and bidding process, contracts, licensure, negotiating, accountability, and everything inbetween.

For a FREE COPY of How to Hire a Contractor, please input your contact information below and we’ll email you a copy.

If you have any specific questions, needs, or are preparing to sell your home in Charleston, SC we always recommend speaking with a Realtor first. Our goal is to maximize your profit potential, and some projects are better left as an item to negotiate when you sell your home.

Call us today at 843-345-1273, email or fill out the contact information below.

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